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Master of Fine Arts

After a season of eight months in New York in 2010,student design products FAAP Kyra Altmann, 22,prepares to live abroad again.Will a Masters in England."I went to New York by chance.A friend was going to live there and also ended up going to study art. "Kyra shape now in the middle of the year.Intends to begin the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2012.She wants to study at Chelsea College of Arts and Design in London,which has among its alumni filmmaker Jane Campion,The Piano director,and actors Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman (respectively,Lord Voldemort and Severus Snape in the Harry Potter)."I like to have goals.Before I apply already started studying for the examinations of English,"he says.A year ago,Kyra came to have language classes thinking of his masters."It is important to have a good level of English to be able to attend classes,placing and expose their ideas, " he says."It may seem not,but the MFA has to write a lot of text." While not traveling,Kyra trains writing in English on your blog ."I write about subjects that interest me,always turned to art, " he says.The channel also serves to publicize their work student."The portfolio is very important. Not only work,but also the presentation. "

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Ace American Firmiano Pinto de Moraes Filho, 18 years,playing tennis since the 7."At first it was just fun,but my sister and I started playing well and was getting more serious." Age 10,tennis player turned Firmiano federated to play championships.From there he began to take the sport more seriously."From 13 to 17 years trained four hours a day in the Club Painswick." He competed in tournaments throughout Brazil and became the number 4 in its category,but there was a time when you had to make a decision."When you do 16 years must decide whether to follow the tennis professionally or train lighter and have a busy social life." Firmiano chose the second option.In 2011,he attended the high school in Birmingham,Alabama,and took the opportunity to know good colleges in the United States."I would like to move the center to the south,because it is not too cold. The University of South Carolina would be a good option. "This month Firmiano will do Inglês the Test of a Foreign Language (TOEFL),a test that assesses the level of English proficiency of foreign students.In May,it is the turn of the SAT,the exam which was inspired Enem necessary to try to enroll in an American university."I think I'm right,because I know how to speak English and my level of mathematics is good." Even so,by ensuring he is doing math classes and English three times a week,the Virginia Center School.

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Taxi in Madeleine Ville The cabbie Elbert Daniel da Silva Novaes, 32,discovered a mother lode in the region where it makes the point,in Vila Madalena,West Zone of São Paulo."Many customers are foreigners and most do not speak Portuguese, " he says."Many arrive with the address written down on paper,because they know that it is difficult to find taxi drivers who speak English." Because of this,Elbert decided to enroll in an English course created especially for taxi drivers in Virginia Center School."My class was only myself and a colleague.But he had to stop. "Because of this,Elbert only attended school for three months."Now I'm waiting for someone else to enroll to continue the course." Even with little classroom time,the driver feels he has made some progress.Want to at least learn the basics to communicate with foreign customers."Sometimes they want to make some running,do something different and,without speaking English,I can not do this."


MFA programs

2003-04-08 07:11:54 by Essence

I went to an MFA program and it was the best years of my life. The best decision. Now I'm seriously thinking of pursuing a PhD in Art!
You must follow your passion. If art making is your passion and getting an MFA is too....DO IT!
You should figure out which medium you want to work in and then go from there. If you are not sure about the medium or don't want to pinpoint one medium find a school where they have an interdisciplinary program.
Also look at the national rating of each school and again look at the medium you want to work in. If i.e. you want to become a painter find a school that produces great painters

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