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Centre responsible: Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences, University San Pablo CEU. Center of instruction: TRACOR, the Institute of Communication Arts.
Academic Course was introduced: 2009-2010 Authorized CAM: 2009-2010 Type of Instruction: Classroom
Number of places: 20 Number of ECTS credits: 70 ECTS
Rules No minimum stay and tuition and course ECTS: View Document Calendar: 1.750h between sessions, tutorials, assessments, group work, self, three months of internships and Master's Thesis
Language / s in which taught: Spanish Hours: Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 14.30 h.
Next call: October 2013

del Instituto de las Artes de la Comunicación TRACOR y la Universidad CEU San Pablo , que surge de la necesidad real de mercado propiciada por la continua revolución tecnológica y crea un nuevo profesional del arte, del diseño, de la comunicación audiovisual y multimedia-web, polivalente y autosuficiente, totalmente integrado en el proceso de comunicación y con control absoluto del mismo, capaz de comprender los productos y conceptualizar las ideas, pero también de plasmarlas de forma gráfica o audiovisual, utilizando las tecnologías más innovadoras. The MFA - Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art - Masters in Graphic Design Communication graduate program is a fully integrated graphic design within the EHEA (European Higher Education) valid throughout Europe and conducted jointly by the School of Design Institute of Communication Arts TRACOR and San Pablo CEU University, which arises from the actual market needs prompted by the continuing technological revolution and make a new professional art, design, media studies -web, versatile and self-sufficient, fully integrated in the process of communication and control over it, able to understand and conceptualize product ideas, but also to translate them in graphic or visual, using the most innovative technologies.

On the international scene School of Graphic Design, Multimedia and New Media Communication, few programs together in the same training process development of creativity and artistic skills with the techniques and skills needed to handle new technologies as tools practical realization of the ideas previously conceived.


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Alumna opinion

2003-05-28 10:01:50 by uclaBFA

I went to the UCLA film dept for undergrad. here's the rundown on the grad progs:
Directing: Very PC and multi-culti, basically straight white males need not apply. You will make 16mm films the school will not pay for. You will go on to teach production somewhere, this program is NOT known for producing working directors.
MFA Screenwriting: GREAT, program, basically the best screenwriting program in the world. Many, many grads are working screenwriters, and any directors that went to UCLA, such as Alexander Payne, went to the Screenwriting program NOT Directing.
Producers Program: You will NOT produce a film, but rather will learn about structure, development, entertainment law, and take classes taught by people "in the business

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  • Avatar DOPE SWAN How can I find a creditable Master's program in fine arts in Europe that teaches in English?
    Nov 18, 2006 by DOPE SWAN | Posted in Studying Abroad

    I would like to study for my MFA in art history in Europe (France, Italy or Spain), but I am unsure how to find a school that teaches in English. I'm open to US schools who have study partnerships with European schools as well.

    • Well you could look for American Universities in Europe. Try this site it American college in Florence