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Jack Goldstein (* September 27 1945 in Montreal , Canada , † March 14 2003 in San Bernardino , California ) was an American conceptual and performance artist . He lived and worked in California and New York .

Goldstein grew up in Canada in difficult circumstances. He received his education first at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles . He then studied at the newly opened California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and enrolled there with John Baldessari and his "post-studio art". In 1972 he made ​​the Master of Fine Arts (MFA), his academic degree.

Originally from the minimalism Coming, he developed in the 1970s, his performance art - experimental films and audio productions. In constant local exchange between Los Angeles and New York, he became the focus of so-called Pictures Group. 1976 emerged the first " record "that began Goldstein both traditional art objects as well as sound recordings. The first work A Suite of Nine 7-inch Records consisted of nine colorfully designed vinyl records, which was recorded with audio material from commercial archives. In 1978 he turned his consisting of short sequences, 16mm color silent movie "The Jump". In 1977 at the Goldstein of the art theorist Douglas Crimp part held in New York's Artists Space exhibition "Pictures". With his colleagues Sherrie Levine and Roberto Longo he sat down here from both the Pop Art and Minimalism from from, they were seen as representatives of a new generation of artists. [1]

This group of artists, among them next to Goldstein, for example, Robert Longo, Troy Brown cloth and Phillip Smith, contributed significantly to the next boom of the 1980s. Goldstein himself, but soon moved to the making of paintings and was known for his salon paintings. He was largely run by technically trained assistants. His paintings, which were out of the "sensational moment" hold, all based on existing photographs of natural phenomena, images of war, natural disasters or astronomical images. For the group to Goldstein, the California Institute of the Arts in New York spread the name CalArtsMafia, based on their common old school. The artists helped to keep the "get foot in the doors of galleries". [2]

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Possess MFA, best way to relocate to California?

2010-04-03 10:39:46 by GKSA

I'm looking to relocate to California, preferably San Diego. I'm looking for any type of work just to gain a foothold. Does anyone have any ideas? I have an MFA in Media Arts, BS in communications, but I don't really care what kind of work I end up doing- just want to move. Help greatly appreciated.

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