Looking for a scholarship for masters in Spain?

Posted on April 11, 2013 – 00:00

alicante-spainThe Fundesem Business School in Alicante,Spain, has metrado courses in Marketing,Finance,Banking,Human Resources,Business Law,Real Estate Management and Executive Programs.From 16 to 23 April,representatives of college Spanish will be in Brazil to present the courses and opportunities for scholarships.

The master's degrees are offered in English and Spanish.Alicante_Spain_CastilloSantaBarbara Alicante is a cosmopolitan city and tourist resort,situated in the center of the Mediterranean arc,ie,it is a great place for those who want to study in Europe,but well away from the cold.Check the dates in your city:

Rio de Janeiro
April 16 at 19:30
Atlantica Hotel Pestana - Avenida Atlântica,2964.Phone: 21 2548-6332
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Belo Horizonte
April 17 at 19:30
Hotel Best Western Sol Belo Horizonte - Bahia Street 1040
Confirm your participation: the

April 18 at 19:30
Hotel Melia Basil 21 - SHS Quadra 6 - Bl B,D and F,South Wing
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Porto Alegre
April 19 at 19:30
Hotel Mercure apt.Beverly Hills - R.Ramiro Barcelos,1373
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Sao Paulo
April 22 at 19:30 and 21:30
Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi - United Nations Avenue,12901
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Sao Paulo
April 23 at 19:30 and 21:30
Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi - United Nations Avenue,12901
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More information on e-mail: [email protected]

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Quality of life questions

2004-03-30 10:53:39 by rochester_wife

As you may recall, I'm now living in Rochester NY, but I grew up in the Bay Area. We're here b/c my DH is getting an MFA in furniture design.
I'm currently working at a great small not-for-profit art house movie theatre. The boss wants to retire soon and has talked about training someone to replace him. This is TOTALLY a job I could do and love. I'm already doing much of the marketing, running the membership program and am office manager. Like i said, small office :)
THe boss really likes me and i think if i pushed for it he would definitely consider me as his replacement (he owned the theatre for 18 years before it became a non-profit)

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