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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:31

Hockey national team of Belarus on the attack. Photo: interfax.by. Belarus pays much attention to the development of the sport. The state supports dozens of the species and primarily those that belong to the program of the Olympic Games. Most popular are football, ice hockey, biathlon and tennis.


In Belarus, the hockey is very popular. In the country the open championship of the country is carried out, which consists of two leagues: Extra League (Division I) and OL (Division II). In the Extraliga play 11 teams (10 - from Belarus, 1 - from Latvia), in which rivalry of the masters of the country is determined.BATE is the most sensational soccer team from Europe. Photo: interfax.by.

The leading hockey club from Belarus - "Dynamo-Minsk" - playing for the championship of the Continental Hockey League (KHL). The team will play their home games at the "Minsk-Arena" by which is one of the biggest hockey game fields in Europe.

The average number of visitors to the home games of "Dynamo-Minsk" in the KHL Championship 2011/12 amounted to 14 thousand 197 people, in the season 2010 / 11-10538 people. Both figures are record numbers for KHL.

But the favorite team of Belarus is the National Ice Hockey Team. The Ice Hockey Team of Belarus led their first game on 7 Through November 1992 and during the World Cup it was determined in the third division. In 1997, the team succeeded in the elite division in which debuted at the World Cup. The strongest division in the National Ice Hockey Team of Belarus played for 13 world championships (1998-2001, 2003, 2005-present time). The most successful game was during the World Cup - 2006 in Riga, where the team was the 6th Took place.

The Ice Hockey Team played during three winter Olympics in 1998, 2002 and 2010. The greatest success is the 4th Place in the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Belarus beat in the quarterfinals of the national team of Sweden and managed in the semifinals.

According to the results of the World Cup 2012, the national team of Belarus takes the 11 Place in the IIHF World Ranking.

In Belarus is not only professional but also amateur Hockey Hockey developed. In Minsk, there are "Night Hockey League" (NHL). Your games will be played in the evening. On the children's and youth national level the Total Hockey Tournament "Golden Puck" is performed.


How in the world, the soccer enjoys great popularity in Belarus. In the country the program of development of mass football was assumed everywhere to build soccer fields. At the same time the national championship is not attractive for the football fans.

The football championship in Belarus includes three leagues. 11 teams play in the big leagues, showing the master of the country in the three-county tournament.

In recent years, the undisputed leader of the Belarusian football club "BATE" from Borissov, who in the last decade (2002-2011) was 7 times the master of the country. "BATE" plays successfully on the international arena: from 2008 to 2012, he was three times the participants in the group tournament, UEFA Champions League and twice - the group round UEFA Europa League. The home games of the Champions League takes "BATE" in Minsk on the stadium "Dynamo" for 30 thousand football fans. These duels call a lot of interest in Belarusian football fans.

National football national team of Belarus. Photo: interfax.by. Biathlon athlete Darya Domratschjowa - Favorite Belarusian fans. Photo: interfax.by. Maxim Mirnyi - tennis legend of Belarus. Photo: interfax.by. Wiktorija Asarenko. The best female tennis player in the world. Photo: daylife.com.

Source: germany.mfa.gov.by

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