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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:31
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before the prologue
Sure, you can go directly read the writing exercise by Laura Kasischke. 1 small very personal prologue
Those who follow my site know that a new phase is beginning for me in September, with the ability to create for several years on an ongoing basis (it has never been my experiment) of a real lab writing sessions with differentiated (bases and approaches, and narrative construction) in parallel with a coaching student of one of our major art schools, either for writing involved in their practices or digital video issues or that the writing is in their way an autonomous place. This lab will be based, as in most of the MFA creative writing, a digital publication of direct experimentation.

This is obviously a decisive turn for me, engaging the coming years, which should allow me to return here and in all of my personal work, a more radical and free dimension - at least I try, but really saw it as an opportunity, including what it led me to relay regarding digital publishing.

In the meantime, we must get back inside the shop and expand. Recovery of my old book All words are adults who will be available here in digital format, enhanced, expanded, revised, and especially a review of my own studio practice.

2, the MFA creative writing

Reflection on North American practices with the support got me the very rich year joint invitation to Quebec / Montreal and Laval / UdeM, since the creative writing is not included in the studies but in the literary master of fine arts is important. Also important, because North American tradition, based on a notion of genre (poetry, fiction, novel, short-story, screenplay or stage writing) now appears on its own practitioners as too standardized. If you go walking on the MFA different facs, you will see that for poetry, especially, it's not very gay ... Where contacts multiplied in recent months about our own approach. Had the opportunity to confront at NYU in May, this will be the case again in Chicago in late October I hope.

In any case, income NY last month with huge pile of written production of the MFA, though perfectly aware that the most daring writers in these practices, and invited by a particular college (it is not the largest that necessarily have the best reputation, see Syracuse) do not always tell their expertise.

and finally Laura Kasischke and Baule
And of course come to Laura Kasischke : she teaches creative writing at the University of Michigan (Residential College, Ann Arbor), and two of his novels have been translated in Bourgois. She was invited like me and Bernard Brigitte Martin next festival Writers beachfront , which does not consist only pleasures of bathing even if it is incredibly well received, but drains as Manosque or Bron in their territory, all professional public highway at 2 am around. A spot on American literature, so also with Claro no farther, Harry Matthews, Jacques Roubaud, what to talk about.


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Creative Writing Degree / Schools?

2006-05-06 08:24:47 by alphamurdock

I am considering going to college to pursue a degree in Creative Writing. Yes, I am completely aware I probably won't score a Benz or a yacht out of this anytime soon. Creative Writing has always been a passion of mine and I would like to learn the craft as best I can. So a couple of questions for the brilliant people of CL:
1) Should I just pursue a regular English undergrad degree (or any ...t matter) and then maybe look to get an MFA in Creative Writing at some later point? Or should I go out of my way to find a school that offers a BA or BS in Creative Writing?
2) I am unable to find any good resources online that rate Creative Writing departments at colleges

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