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Posted on September 19, 2005 – 00:00

In an editorial in the September 1 , Pierre Pujo of Action French, moved to the attack suffered by French textile manufacturers from Chinese industry. He's right. And footwear, not less.
He has blamed on free trade and Brussels harbingers faithful hounds trading nations Anglo-Saxon. He's right.
But we will play bold enough to take the points of the argument, because it is too much that has not been said.

Rehabilitation of quotas?

The dismantling of quotas (textiles, ceramics and many others) are part of a global agreement once called the GATT and has been a world wide ratification under the aegis of its latest incarnation, the World Health Organization Trade, WTO. Why the GATT?
Because it seemed to the leaders of the free world as facilitating international trade had only benefits. Development affairs of nations could overcome bilateral tensions, disputes of all kinds, even if it was not the miracle cure. The gradual and reciprocal opening of markets certainly allowed a lower benefit costs to the consumer as Mr. Pujo recognizes, but first allow a rationalization of production by scaling a global expansion of all machine tool areas, and in the end, the ability to poor countries to produce expectations of the global market by simply importing technical production lines included.

The arrival on the market of consuming nations occurring on modern machines was in the offing since the beginning of the GATT. Were also prepared various barriers to uncontrolled expansion of production in the third world by maintaining tariffs and the introduction of quotas. The most famous is the AMF, the Multi-Fibre Agreement. But of course, no one ever expected that the device would last a thousand years! And all producers in rich countries were warned moultes once the rights were regularly reduced to obtain the same counterparties from these emerging countries to import on their soil of our sophisticated production, and that the quotas themselves would soon be due.
What happened on the side of producers, limiting ourselves to European producers, in this perspective?

Competition already felt by the Chinese, Thai Vietnamese otherwise led them to relocate their production in Tunisia, Yugoslavia. Then later in Turkey. Then later ... without really worrying about the underlying problem. Knowing they could not fight against the term mass production of goods produced in increasing quality in the factory of the world that the empire is restored environment. And the need to innovate as much as possible, but only the impossible no one is held, it was also considered to retrain in another industry. Nay!
Bankrupts producers are converted into traders, importers continue to capture the margin on the flow of goods they no longer produced, and the largest textile activities on French soil is now importing and shopping.
This is true for the three Latin countries. The so-called "northern" countries have long understood - they are smarter or are we specifically blocked - and rely in their national engineering courses leading promised better future. In France we create poles thinking that inovation is on order!

- ce que l'un vend l'autre l'achète. As one commenter on the Vive Le Roy forum - the best so far forums the monarchist movement - one that sells the other buys. And the French consumer does not seem overly concerned by the layoff of thousands of workers in the textile and footwear when he won his articles gallows supermarkets. For him, it remains a purely media phenomenon as it is not itself thrown into the street! This does not prevent the Plan ask his opinion on the "inextricable" situation during elections or referendum, to take into account, and even lean on a government program!


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