Savannah Art and Design (Hong Kong) Limited University

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30
Writing for Stage and Screen | Low Residency MFA program

Savannah Art and Design (Hong Kong) Limited University

SCAD Hong Kong brought American art and design education

Savannah College of Art and Design (abbreviated SCAD) for the purpose of student achievement through a locally accredited Bachelor and Master courses provide students with specialist art and design education and professional training. SCAD presence in Hong Kong to facilitate school students from around the world to provide the world's leading digital media education programs, industry prospects for their creative best prepare.

SCAD are now more than 10, 000 students from more than 100 countries in the world-time students, offers more than 40 types of art and design majors and more than 50 minor subjects. Students can choose to Savannah, Georgia, USA, Atlanta, Lacoste, France, and Hong Kong campuses, but also through SCAD eLearning online learning platform to attend courses and obtain degree qualifications.

SCAD students enrolled during the freedom to choose to various campuses to enrich the learning experience for the job to make the best preparations. All campuses are consistent SCAD tuition, but also scholarships and other financial aid available for application.

Hong Kong Development Council former North Kowloon Magistracy Building entrusted to SCAD for conservation and revitalization, and this is located in Hong Kong, Tai Po Road 292 historic buildings as SCAD Hong Kong's new premises. SCAD has been converted into this building Asia's premier digital media specialized institutions, while highlighting its unique historical and cultural significance.

SCAD Hong Kong has advanced teaching resources, including up to professional level digital labs and studios, art and design libraries, art galleries and creative inspiration inspire well-equipped classrooms and lecture theaters. SCAD currently offers undergraduate Arts (BFA) programs, including advertising, animation, graphic design, illustration, interactive design and game development, dynamic media design, photography and visual effects; Institute of Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program include graphic design, interactive design and game development, and photography.

SCAD All courses are taught in English, and there is "English as a Second Language" (English as a Second Language) courses for the need to improve English reading and writing and speaking ability students. In addition, SCAD more has various exhibitions, arts and cultural programs and other activities, engaging students in campus life, and enhance ties with the community. SCAD student hostels are also available.

SCAD students to provide a rich internship opportunities are numerous companies, including MTV, Pixar Animation Studios, Macquarium Intelligent Communications / Fathom Studios, New York Metropolitan Opera, Ralph Lauren, JCB Inc., Ruffian Games, Liz Claiborne, apples, Turner Studios, BCBGMaxAzria Group, Digital Domain, Choice Hotels, General Motors, Rhythm & Hues Studios and JCPenney department stores, as well as opportunities with renowned artists such as Ghada Amer and Joyce Tenneson, among others. The internship experience can often bring long-term employment for students full-time job opportunities.


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It depends on what you're looking

2009-02-19 09:24:07 by jlgwriter

For and the type of program that would fit you. An MFA--like any college degree--is an expensive venture. If you don't want to go into debt, then you should consider applying to funded, residency programs. But be aware that the competition is fierce. Many of the best programs admit less than 5% of the applicants in every genre.
There are also low-residency programs (I'm halfway through one) of equal quality as a residency MFA but offering little in the way of scholarships or funding. My program, for example, has just instituted a 2k annual fellowship for ONE student. This covers less than 1/3 of a semester's tuition

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