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Of Spinning and Writing: In Defense of MFA Programs | BREVITY's

/ 藝術碩士影像表演課程: One Year / MFA Acting for Film year / Master of Fine Arts acting classes images:

, 碩士課程則為兩年, 第二學年則分第三及第四學期, 學期當中除了正常的課程以外也很有可能要求學生在晚間或是週末參與拍攝以及排練計畫. Total eight months of this year curriculum is divided into two semesters, compared with two-year master's program, the second year of the third and fourth semester of the semester in which in addition to the normal curriculum are also likely to require students outside at night or participated in the filming and rehearsal weekend plans.

.New York Film Academy表演課程將會拍攝演員學生每週在課程中所學習的技巧, 並且就影片中的表現做討論與修正. The best training is to enable students to perform in front of the camera performance. New York Film Academy course will shoot actors performing in the course of the week, students learn skills, and make a film in the performance discussion and amendment.

, 利用劇場表演訓練延伸到鏡頭前表演.這個學期主要在給予學生基本的知識, 什麼是演員, 肢體聲音的基本訓練, 了解電影工作辭彙, 認知電影表演與劇場表演的差異, 學會分析場景內容等等 Mainly in the first semester basis for the establishment of part of the training extends to the use of theater performances before the camera. Give students this semester primarily in the basics, what is the actor, physically sound basic training, to understand film work vocabulary, cognitive film acting Differences with the theater, learn to analyze the scene content, etc.

. Each student in the final will be a one-man show in rehearsal and in the audience before the show.

, 除了在演技上的更多訓練, 學習如何和不同方式導演合作, 如何準備面試.學習怎麼演出打鬥場面以及保護自己, 加入更多鏡頭前演出的訓練. Second semester, in addition to acting on more training, and the different ways to learn how to co-director, how to prepare for an interview. Learning how to protect themselves and fight scenes performances, adding more performances before the camera training.

, 全班的同學將排練完整的一場舞台劇, 並在正式的劇院中演出, 同時每一位學員也需要在一部五分鐘的短片演出, 短片經過完整得剪輯後將會公開播放同時學校會邀請業界人士, 學員也可以邀請自己的家人親友前來觀賞. The second end of the semester, the class the students will complete a rehearsal stage, and in the formal theater performances, while every student will also need a five-minute video performances, video clips obtained through complete broadcast will be made ​​public after At the same time the industry will be invited to the school, students can also invite your family and friends come to watch.

, 劇本研讀並且排練, 學員學習電視等多機拍攝的演出環境, 角色研讀分析每個角色的內在, 讓演員更容易掌握及創造獨特的角色加上配音技巧的專門課程. Third semester, script reading and rehearsal, students learn television footage of performances and many other environments, the role of the internal study analyzes each role, the actors easier to grasp and create a unique character plus dubbing techniques specialized courses.

, 肢體訓練部份向上提升加入了節奏性或舞蹈性的動態肢體, 學員將會參與更多的實際拍攝, 花費更多的時間在拍攝作品上.研讀經典名劇並且學習電影中打鬥場面的技巧.聲音部份對於改變口音的訓練及方法.喜劇課程, 英國劇場研讀等等, The fourth semester, the training part of the body upward or added rhythmic dance of dynamic limb, students will participate in more of the actual shooting, spending more time in the film works on. Studying classics and learn to play the movie fight scenes skills. voice part in changing the accent training and methods. comedy programs, English theater study, etc.,

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Best mfa?

2004-12-11 15:46:29 by duderedman

I'm considering an MFA, and I've had trouble locating a list of best MFA programs. Unlike professional schools, there is no compendium of top schools a la US News & World Report (as flawed as some people believe that is). I know Iowa is number one, and NYU and Columbia are up there. What else are the best of the best?
I'm already aware that I should pick the school best for me, based on my interests, the specific faculty, etc. I'm just hoping to identify the spectrum of top schools (best reputation, student pool, faculty, etc) worth a closer look.

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