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讀書筆記】要搏,就照我的方式來 [ Wendy reading notes] to fight on the way as I 照片日期 2010-11-29時間 00.03.jpg

」有話直說的人生說明書, This is the tycoon "Shu Like" have something to say life manual,

Everywhere he found out talking about life inconvenient truth.

Shu Like Description:

Canadian self-made billionaire and philanthropist,

Has a science degree, MBA, U.S. Chartered Financial Analyst charter.

Obtain Canadian citizenship highest honor Canadian Cross.

He has donated more than 200 million $ 50 million to establish more scholarships, Canada has four business school named after him.

讀書心得】 [ Wendy ] reading experience

I really like to see this first hand experience of a lifetime accumulation and write a book,

Because the inside is the most real life experience.

Perhaps the author's straightforward candor, gave away a lot of humanity on the truth,

會讓某些溫情派的讀者不習慣。 May make some warmth to send readers accustomed to.

But for real life experience craving readers, this book is required reading treasure.

Entrepreneurs usually higher than a worker on life and human nature have a more profound understanding.

Although the author made ​​a number of seemingly relentless cold insights

But he also always stressed that business is a means, not an end.

The most important thing in life is to learn to love and be loved.

We did get smart enough, wise enough, in order to protect themselves and their families,

Even our capabilities and experience can contribute to more people in need.

The right way to do business, with the right attitude towards business ecosystem and life,

I think this is the author's message to tell us.

I was in the library to borrow the book, only focus on some notes,

Interested recommended book faithful, you can find perspective.

I came on the blog, did not see the book, so the cover had shot himself with a MAC,

How much should be able to help you find the book it ^ ^

Otherwise, go to the library borrow it ^ ^

讀書重點筆記】 (作者以第一人稱來寫作此書,因此筆記也照做。) [ Wendy study focuses notes] (On the first person to write this book, so notes also follow suit.)

。 Readers are advised to leave your mobile phone, email, computers to "read" a way to absorb knowledge.

If you can read a one minute, an hour a day, one week will be able to read a book.

This reading habits on the basis of my knowledge contribution than three university degrees.

I am now 59 years, a total of 2, 500 books read, of which 80% is not a novel.

20-30 years of age is up to the stage of life's problems,

與伴侶這兩個重大抉擇方向。 Because young people have worked out at this stage the two major career choices with their partner directions.

開始,不斷地探索嘗試後,才找到人生的利基。 Many successful people are from their own areas of interest begins, continue to explore the attempt, only to find a niche in life.

My decision-making tools:

Take a piece of paper, put your question undecided listed advantages, then every point marked scores,

From zero to ten, with higher scores indicating more important to you.

Retake a paper, the disadvantages are also listed, from 0 to hit very same, but with higher scores indicating more unfavorable conditions on you.

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Anyone have a master's degree? pref. MFA

2007-10-04 10:17:23 by orknowanythingaboutMFA

i'm finishing my undergrad in may and applying for an MFA program in creative writing. my professor suggested the university of iowa and the university of texas at austin as really good programs.
i'm looking for programs that offer lots of funding as well as teaching opportunities. 3 year programs would be best. what are some really good liberal arts graduate schools?

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