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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:29

Some people question why study writing,specifically why study to write fiction - it's a novel or story -.The answer is simple.Well that the creative process of writing is one fantastic very personal and sometimes funny,many writers feel that what they do is so important and so real they need to do with the sublime degree of perfection that can be achieved.Under this ideal is born undergraduate and graduate studies in Creative Writing.

In recent years,particularly after the rise of cyber BLOGS and other spaces that promote creativity of people and the crowd of people make themselves known to the other,researchers have found that the vast majority of humans have desired to study or work,at some point in their lives,on a branch associated with creative writing.

University studies in Creative Writing helps participants of such programs to orient,both in life and in the cute but tedious process of writing,inventing characters and fascinating places.Even some thinkers consider graduate studies in this field mean that experts are trained to write literary texts coherent,cohesive,with various records,holders of free speech,counters of a mixture of subjectivity and objectivity,and even,in some cases ,present various types of texts in one. Also,the work must be very original - no fault of plagiarism - not to mention that very syntactically and grammatically correct.

Some appointments and writers

Granted there is the fact that for this profession uses the mind,the imagination,the creativity,the art of writing and the task of organizing knowledge.Perhaps that is why many find it so fascinating to begin a career in creative writing.I give you some quotes concerning creative writing,quotes translated by me.Any error in them is entirely mine.

  • "He writes with the soul,not thinking of what the market wants.The market dies,the soul lasts forever "- Jeffrey A.Carver.
  • "I believe more in the scissors than the pen" - Truman Capote.
  • "Writers are not people ... They are a lot of people trying to be one person" - F.Scott Fitzgerald.
  • "An easy read,simple,it is a headache to write" - Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • "Remember that you are the person for whom you write.The story you're dying to read "- Susan Isaacs.
  • "Writing is an adventure.First,it is a toy,a mere diversion.Then,it becomes lover.Then he makes love,and finally becomes a tyrant.Good thing,because when you are in the last stage,and you are about to be reconciled to your state of servitude,you kill the monster and it aventas the public "- Winston Churchill.
  • "If you will not be forgotten soon die tran writes worthwhile texts read or takes actions that are worthwhile to be written" - Benjamin Franklin.

Some links to universities offering master (masters) in Creative Writing:

And,for those who are more cyber and wish to participate in workshops on the web without obtaining a degree,per se,here is the link: Fuentetaja Creative Writing Workshops.

Remember,writing is a passion,an art,in which you must have fun and create what you like ... Nothing else counts.

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Anyone have a master's degree? pref. MFA

2007-10-04 10:17:23 by orknowanythingaboutMFA

i'm finishing my undergrad in may and applying for an MFA program in creative writing. my professor suggested the university of iowa and the university of texas at austin as really good programs.
i'm looking for programs that offer lots of funding as well as teaching opportunities. 3 year programs would be best. what are some really good liberal arts graduate schools?

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