The Blog Jaillant Lise-Marie: What is a creative writing degree?

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30

Creative_writing For The rejecter (blog run by an author who also works for a New York literary agency), a degree of creative writing is not used much.
That's what The rejecter meets a wannabe who is reluctant to embark on such a degree:
Wannabe: For those who already know how to write but still struggling with intrigue, this is a creative writing degree has value?
Rejecter: some people are convinced that they need feedback. Personally, I have received little or no useful feedback when in my MFA program [Master in creative writing].
Wannabe: In your experience, how many published writers have taken these courses?
Rejecter: Very little. Not even at all. Unless they want to teach the [creative writing].
Wannabe: Is there a chance to get good contacts with literary agents in this type of program? Is that agents would watch my work more favorably?
Rejecter: No, a creative writing program has little or no value at this level. I quite agree with The rejecter. In my experience, most creative writing courses are not worth much. Better to save money and buy a writing guide in place (I suggest a few in my column " creative writing ").


Thinking of Going for MFA. Good Idea??

2005-04-11 22:44:07 by Imjustnotsure

I've been thinking of going for my MFA in creative writing and just wanted to know any general thoughts people had out there. How many of the professional writers on this board have MFA's? I live in Los Angeles and have been looking at Antioch University. Any thoughts on that school, or other programs in Los Angeles. Any help is wildly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Avatar bigmistake What kind of jobs can I get with a Bachelor of Fine Arts?
    Aug 15, 2011 by bigmistake | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I can't make enough just selling my paintings and drawings. I have no computer/ graphic art/ commercial art skills. Most of my friends went on to get MFA degrees but that's not an option for me right now.

    • I agree with the first guy. Artists don't go to college because we have the skills we need already. We go to college to learn things where you actually need a degree. So I suggest either cake design (which you also don't …r teaching art lessons at community colleges or craft stores. Or you could work at an art museum or get a job and save money to get a degree in something more practical like education. Then you could become an art teacher