The Blog Jaillant Lise-Marie: What is a creative writing degree?

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30

Creative_writing For The rejecter (blog run by an author who also works for a New York literary agency), a degree of creative writing is not used much.
That's what The rejecter meets a wannabe who is reluctant to embark on such a degree:
Wannabe: For those who already know how to write but still struggling with intrigue, this is a creative writing degree has value?
Rejecter: some people are convinced that they need feedback. Personally, I have received little or no useful feedback when in my MFA program [Master in creative writing].
Wannabe: In your experience, how many published writers have taken these courses?
Rejecter: Very little. Not even at all. Unless they want to teach the [creative writing].
Wannabe: Is there a chance to get good contacts with literary agents in this type of program? Is that agents would watch my work more favorably?
Rejecter: No, a creative writing program has little or no value at this level. I quite agree with The rejecter. In my experience, most creative writing courses are not worth much. Better to save money and buy a writing guide in place (I suggest a few in my column " creative writing ").


My residency at Montpelier

2008-08-27 16:14:15 by jlgwriter

Was part of the MFA program with Vermont College. It's a low-res MFA program, and we go back to Vermont twice a year for 10-day residencies loaded with lectures, readings, classes, and workshops. During the semesters between residencies, we work one-on-one with our advisors on a semester project.
I adore this program. Have learned so much and am really developing some much-needed discipline. Low-residency sounds like it would be easier than a full-time residency MFA, but there is a huge time commitment involved--25-30 hours a week of writing and reading. I'm writing a minimum of 125 craft pages every semester plus 10 critical essays on my reading (10 books)

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