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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:29
Creative Writing Program | English Department

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Short List Project AMF

The Municipality of Ferrara publish a notice for setting up shortlists (Short list) for the provision of services that need to be used depending on its needs and requirements for the realization of the project "ADRIATIC MODEL FOREST-AMF" - Operational Programme Programme IPA Cross-Border Cooperation - Adriatico - Priority 2.
Registration for the Short List is free on request by interested parties in possession
the requirements of this Notice.
The short list which you can join are the following:

1. short list for services for the planning, management and technical support to the implementation and management of programs / projects in Europe, administrative management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for programs and projects implemented by EU funds, national and regional;
2. short list for services for major simultaneous translation and interpreting for English;
3. short list for graphic services;
4. Short list for press materials;
5. short list for supply of gadgets;
6. short list of services for planning and organizing events and meetings;
7. short list for catering services and ristorzione, management of halls for conferences and meetings;
8. short list for technology support services, freight audio and video conferences and meetings;
9. short list for freight services and setting up structures and stand;
10. short list for tour guide services;
11. short list for rentals and transportation.

The accessions, accompanied by the documentation inquiry will prevent, excluding penalty, in a sealed envelope by registered A / R or by courier no later than 15/03/2013 (the postmark will of arrival) at:

See Determines public notice Short List (pdf433Kb) with all the information contained in the public notice and the attached model for the membership application.
Extended the deadlines for submission of applications to join the Short List Project Adriatic Model Forest. Determines public notice Short List - Extension of time limits (pdf250Kb)

Delivery questions by March 15, 2013 before 13:00, the delivery can also be done by hand at the Environmental Service in Viale Marconi 38 Ferrara to the C / A Dr. Stefania Petazzoni.

Publication of Short List on the website of the City of Ferrara March 19, 2013

See Determine Approval of Short Lists (pdf 273Kb) .


Anyone have a master's degree? pref. MFA

2007-10-04 10:17:23 by orknowanythingaboutMFA

i'm finishing my undergrad in may and applying for an MFA program in creative writing. my professor suggested the university of iowa and the university of texas at austin as really good programs.
i'm looking for programs that offer lots of funding as well as teaching opportunities. 3 year programs would be best. what are some really good liberal arts graduate schools?

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  • Avatar Icara Renner What would be a good school for pursuing a Masters in Film and Screenwriting?
    Apr 22, 2009 by Icara Renner | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Game Art & Design from The Art Institute in San Diego but I want to move away from the Game Industry and focus more on writing scripts. I want a masters because I have a desire to teach as well. My hope is to stay in California as well.

    • UCSD has a pretty good theatre program that can involve screenwriting and the visual arts department here is pretty good as well. There's also film which is under the visual arts department here at UCSD. The MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) program is great here as well :]