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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30
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The fiscal policy program of the city (147) fits into the mission entitled "Equal territories, Housing and Town" The budget dedicated to urban policy amounted to 504.6 million euros in 2013, a staffing program 147 "Urban Policy" of € 525.9 million in 2012 at constant scope.

Reducing the volume of the program in 2013 was offset by the assumption by the Interdepartmental Fund for the Prevention of Crime (SIFT) of social prevention previously funded by the National Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities (ACSE), for € 20 million.

The extension means the policy of the city and part out with the continued decline in state credits for the neighborhoods (- 31% between 2009 and 2012). It allows to preserve the intervention Acsé capacity and initiate jobs francs.

New priorities for urban policy

The work of the Ministry in the city neighborhoods is primarily through the intervention of the ACSé. 12, 000 associations are financially supported annually by the ACSE in the context of urban social cohesion contracts.

In the spirit of the "roadmap of the Government for neighborhood residents" presented to Cabinet on 22 August, the Minister for the city has set three priorities for 2013:

• Wear a special effort for the associations involved in the areas of social cohesion and the fight against discrimination;
• Search for a greater involvement of the common law on actions under the major public policies;
• Streamline the operating budget of the agency

In 2013, the policy areas in the city will also benefit from a shift of funds from SIFT in their favor.

Activities of direct benefit of the inhabitants of the neighborhoods:

• the increase in appropriations earmarked for access rights and the fight against discrimination to € 12.5 million (€ 0.8 million) and actions of social ties that benefit small grassroots organizations to the tune of € 31.7 million (+ € 2.4 million);
• funding of 3800 adults bridge that are responsible for mediation activities in the fields of education, transport or in public tranquility, for an amount of € 76 million;
• the support of more than 120, 000 children each year through programs of educational success, which is to support multidisciplinary teams to develop outside school hours individual coaching. The goal is to prevent situations of rupture or underachievement in identifying and supporting children in need and their families. In 2013, over 81 million will be spent;
• The program "City life, holiday '(VVV), which enables young people most in need to enjoy cultural activities, sports and recreation during school holidays up to 9 million.

Measures for employment in sensitive urban areas through:

• exemptions granted to companies located in 100 urban zones (UFZ) for which hiring clause was strengthened in 2012 (116 million euros in 2013);
• an experiment francs jobs at four sites, which should help to reduce the employment of young graduates from disadvantaged neighborhoods by exempting employers social security contributions. This new measure is financed through redeployment half of savings trend emerged on ZFUs;
• the management of more than 3200 young people supported by the 20 centers of the Public Establishment insertion of Defense (Epide) and significant support to second-chance schools enrolling more than 13, 000 youth year of which 36% are from priority neighborhoods.

Support to local communities in terms of public facilities


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