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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:29
MFA Program in Writing | California College of the Arts


Film Academy is also open Art Film, Television and Digital Media (Production) Master of some subjects, who welcomed the creative industries practitioners training to enroll. Through the course of the study of individual subjects, except those enrolled to learn new technology and new ideas, you can also brainstorming creative inspiration, creative direction to reposition the future.

The course encourages independent creative professionals, the process can be discussed with the faculty member, and "concussion" to study creative direction and media technology.

In order to strengthen the education sector and the links between the creative industries to encourage more industry-person training, this course is more ad hoc the following two projects funded by the Home Affairs Bureau:

  1. Creative Learning Institute Shi (designed for more than 20 years working experience in a senior practitioners in)
  2. Creative Scholarship (for more than five years of work experience to enroll persons which)

Students can also meet the above conditions apply, the application can be found to the MFA program assistant office.

* If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]


Look Harder

2004-08-29 18:22:09 by chucklebutt

There a dozens of programs that cover genre fiction. Look for them. If you're really into the scholarly aspects of this stuff, try the M.A. in Popular Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green's Pop Culture program is one of the best in the country, and I would bet my paycheck that you could propose--and get funding for (tuition and stipend)--a course of study centered on genre writing that couples the resources of the Pop Culture department with that of Bowling Green's MFA in Creative Writing.
Also, if the MFA is your thing, I know that there's at least one or two programs that embrace genre writers

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  • Avatar Jake L What can you do with a BA in Creative Writing?
    Apr 11, 2010 by Jake L | Posted in Other - Education

    Other than be a novelist of course.

    Is this degree enough to get a job writing scripts for TV series or other forms of entertainment like video games?

    Also, how difficult would it be to find a job with such a degree?

    • While the last poster makes some good pts, I think you should follow your passion while making sure you have an "out". What do I mean? Well, have a plan B should plan A not work out the way you wanted. If you ha …ing to do anything. There are a lot of people with writing degrees just like there are a lot of people with law degrees that don't end up practicing law. It's up to you to make the connections and make yourself stand out.