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– 英國提供廣泛的人文科目 ,豐富你的學習。 By the archeology to literature,philosophy - the UK offers a wide range of humanities subjects,enrich your learning.

。 Britain has a long history and rich culture,many British writers,scholars and artists in the past and continues to illuminate the impact of human history,mankind now lives. 及 Tate 泰德美術館 ,每年吸引數百萬人前來參觀 。 Britain has many world-famous museums and galleries,including the British Museum and the Tate Tate, every year attracts millions of people come to visit.English is also the world's largest country in one of the racial differences,diverse population of the United Kingdom has brought a wealth of ideas and skills. If you miss the humanities,except Britain no other way.

Archeology,literature,English and other international languages,history,classical literature and cultural studies,theology,anthropology,linguistics,philosophy,and human subjects covered are just a small part.If you choose to study the humanities in the UK,either in town or big city,your learning experience will be as close to the side galleries,libraries,museums and cultural institutions richer.“Diamond Suttra” 的影本。 Hidden inside the British Museum William Blake's manuscripts,da Vinci's notes,the world's oldest printed "Diamond Suttra" the copy.Somerset 的澡堂以及 Hadrian's Wall 。 Benefit historians and archaeological writer amazing Roman ruins and the United Kingdom,for example,is located in Somerset,bathhouse and Hadrian's Wall.

(The Art and Humanities Research Council , AHRC ) ,然而該會則資助藝術與人文科目的訓練及研究,包括考古學、英國文學、語言及哲學。 British Government Institute for the Arts and Humanities Council funding (The Art and Humanities Research Council,AHRC),however this will be the funding of the arts and humanities subjects,training and research,including archeology,English literature,language and philosophy. (AHRC) Annual Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)7 千 5 百萬英鎊的經費支援教學及研究計劃,也管理 1 千萬英鎊用於資助英國高等教育機構所設立的博物館、藝廊及其他收藏。 Provide approximately 75 million pounds of funding support for teaching and research programs,also manages £ 10 million for the financing of higher education institutions set up by the UK museums,galleries and other collections.

(The Economic and Social Research Council ,ESRC ) 共同執行。 Humanities overlap with other disciplines,such as sociology,and research programs are also often associated with the Economic and Social Research Council (The Economic and Social Research Council,ESRC) joint implementation.Studying the humanities in the UK will assist you in the development of modern knowledge,and you are ready to enter the job market for the field of skills,including arts,media,education and politics.

: 高等教育 History and Classical Studies: Higher Education

(Diploma of Education ,Dip HE) You can study many subjects Higher Diploma (Diploma of Education,Dip HE)Including archaeological practice,archeology and Leisure Management,theology and history.(Full time) 通常為期 2 年,非全日制 (Part time) 為期 4 年,這樣的課程可協助你銜接學位課程的第 3 年。 These courses full-time study (Full time) is usually a period of two years,part-time (Part time) for four years,this program can help you top-up degree courses first 3 years.


Look Harder

2004-08-29 18:22:09 by chucklebutt

There a dozens of programs that cover genre fiction. Look for them. If you're really into the scholarly aspects of this stuff, try the M.A. in Popular Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green's Pop Culture program is one of the best in the country, and I would bet my paycheck that you could propose--and get funding for (tuition and stipend)--a course of study centered on genre writing that couples the resources of the Pop Culture department with that of Bowling Green's MFA in Creative Writing.
Also, if the MFA is your thing, I know that there's at least one or two programs that embrace genre writers

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