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The display of Rodrigo Lobos for mid-program at Hunter College, New York, is the epitome of a year of research within the MFA and presents works related to the painting and visual presentation but have been created from the three-dimensional , using a process of forming salt crystals found on fabrics and surfaces. Also exhibits two videos and a series of black and white photographs that capture details of these works that move in the third dimension.

View half display MFA program at Hunter College, The immersive experience of going into the holes that i like Rodrigo Lobos, New York, 2011.

The images obtained are indefinite, open-ended but generated under the direction of the artist, who prefers the simplicity of production to seduction from expensive materials and hours of work applied. The images force the viewer's interpretive thinking to ask that complete it. My first impression was crystal formations relate to the aerial view of a landscape eroded. This made me think of the Predator Drones. Interpretations vary, but overall they have the ability to reflect the collective feeling of a historical moment, one of the objectives of the proposal.

I spoke with Wolves on the experience of being a student of visual arts in New York, as CONICYT scholarship, far from the usual social network, under an approach to artistic production that emphasizes dialogue with the movements and currents work earlier, by the weight Latin American art associated with humble materials and bright colors.

The salt crystals made by Rodrigo Lobos can be transported but with special care because of the fragility of the formations. This affects its value from a practical point, placing these objects as entities that change sensitive to environmental conditions and require special care, like a relic. Time is an important factor. Some formations take months and require constant attention during crystallization.

Rodrigo Lobos, Untitled Terrains, medium format, 2011

An analogy can be made between the crystallization process and behavior patterns of a society imbalance: the formation of salt crystals is the result of a chemical process in which sodium chloride is dissolved in water at elevated temperatures, separating the particles to then again connect forming a repeating pattern structure, which is separated from the solution and grows until it reaches a balance with it.

In previous projects, such as Cumulative Furniture (Die Ecke Gallery, 2007) and Barter (Gallery Balmaceda Arte Joven Santiago Alarcon and Maricruz collaboration with Rodrigo Araya), Rodrigo Lobos also used three-dimensional structures, using ready-made strategies and the randomness, asking visitors to exchange an object Barter own a work of art in the gallery, referring to conventions in the visual and aesthetic enhancement processes.

It is not intended to represent the landscape, but rather, represent mechanisms representation of the landscape, for much of the visual imagery is made accessible through technology vision photographic lenses, telescopes, microscopes, "mechanisms that allow the landscape as surface, placing the act of looking at a valuation logic brings economic and social outcomes, "says Wolf.

View half display MFA program at Hunter College, The immersive experience of going into the holes that i like Rodrigo Lobos, New York, 2011.


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Need info on good Northeast MFA programs

2005-05-20 15:24:36 by wannapaint

Anyone have any good things to say about MFA painting programs like the one at Vermont College in Montpelier? What about the MFA program at Brandeis, Goddard College...if you have info. (any bad profs.? what's good about them or bad about them, all info. is MOST welcome), please share. Thinking of doing a low residency MFA painting program....Muchos gracias amigo.

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