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WASHINGTON July 3, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Lin Liang g Philadelphia reported) living in suburban Philadelphia Blue Bell City (Blue Bell) Full mirage of Korean Women 30 years consistently promote Korean language education and popularization of Korean history and culture, making her the Korean community in the Greater Philadelphia a celebrity. The former first Korean school principals, vice president of the National Federation of Korean schools, the U.S. mid-Atlantic region Federation of Korean schools received numerous awards, including the 2009 South Korean government awarded the "Prime Minister Award." In addition, as a graphic artist, the whole mirage lady is spanned. 30 years she has taught more than 400 students admitted to the University of Fine Arts. These students are now distributed in all walks of life, such as in Korea University Professor Ren Yishu, in New York to do fashion designers. She opened the first Professor of Fine Arts Grade 4 to Grade 12 students in painting, train future artists, won the esteem of students and parents. Ms. whole mirage born in Korea, his father was pastor, mother Primary School. She said she had a habit of art, fourth grade on CBS and KBS in Korea children's radio program as a soloist and chorus.

All graduated from Seoul Women's University, Ms. Fine Arts Department to do after high school art teacher for six years. She said: "As lovers of art and good art, wanted to continue to learn, and therefore came to the United States." To the United States, all Ms. Textile Technology Institute in Philadelphia (Philadelphia College of Textile and Science) Art Department and received a bachelor's degree, post- University of Delaware painting was awarded a master's degree. After graduating at the Philadelphia College of Textile Technology Department of Art Education for 12 years, and later he threw himself into his own Academy of Fine Arts (First Art Studio), professor Grade 4 to Grade 12 students in painting, but also offer summer and spring break special classes, and to guide applicants University of Art and non-art majors prepare paintings collection (Portfolio), so that they apply when schools become more competitive.

Full mirage lady in his gallery, behind the walls of her own work. (Photo: Liang g Lin / The Epoch Times)

Promote national culture teaching

To the United States 30 years, the whole mirage lady not only in art constantly challenge themselves, always keep in mind also promote their own culture. She has taught in schools in Korean Korean and Korean history and culture, students from preschool through 12th grade have. She was the first Korean Philadelphia area school principals; 2002-06, was elected to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region Korean Schools Association president; 2006-08 year was elected with more than a thousand schools nationwide Korean Schools Association Vice president. As the popularity of Korean and Korean history and cultural aspects of the outstanding contribution in 2009 was awarded the Korean government fully mirage President awarded the "Prime Minister Award."


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What was she thinking? *2

2008-05-24 11:24:05 by fedguy

Maybe you don't like to hear it, but "getreal" was right.
Unfortunately, you reap what you sow. She got a degree in something completely useless. No one gave the old masters a degree in painting. An MFA is nonsense.
And I presume the previous degrees were equally frivolous.
So, what marketable skills DOES she now have? A couple masters degrees - Did she learn how to type? Maybe a job as an executive assistant is possible. She better not be too picky, since she also has a major health liability for any company considering hiring her.

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