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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:29
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Experimental laboratory and memory space Weimar
(Period 24 - 27 January, 2012)

"What is do be done?" Is a project of the MFA program "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies" at the Bauhaus University Weimar under the direction of Professor Danica Dakic and the artistic staff Anke Hannemann and Lisa Glauer

The project WHAT IS TO BE DONE? addresses the issues of memory and commemoration through artistic engagement.

After intensive research in the city archives and at places in public space, the starting points for temporary installations, actions, performances and interventions are the places of memory of Weimar. How can so-called "lieux de memoire" - places of memory - memories bring, public and private? What is the past visible and / or invisible today? The focus of interest were artistic methods that have made it possible to learn the process of remembering and forgetting. What is the approach to history intertwined with our own individual biography and cultural identity? Temporary, ephemeral interventions have the potential for individual reflection on personal and social dreams.

Participating artists:

Monique Best (Netherlands) / Jeanette Chavez (Cuba) / Elena Chronopoulou (Greece) / Ben Craig (England) / Silja Darmstadt (Germany) / Nikola Djordjevic (Serbia) / Mingda You (China) / Fariborz Farid-Afshin (Holland) / Somayeh Farzaneh (Iran) / Froudaraki Eleni (Greece) / Margarita Garcia (USA) / Anika founder (Germany) / Lucero Hernandez (Mexico) / Emrah ─░nandim (Turkey) / Danielle Kourtesis (USA) / Ella Lachmann (Germany ) / Paris Legakis (Greece) / LILI (Schweitz) / Sujin Lim (South Korea) / Hannes Neubauer (Germany) / Yomayra Puentes Rivera (Colombia) / Ella Tetrault (Canada) / Sarah Yazdanirad (Iran) / Yuequn Zhang (China) /


WARM UP - Inaugural lecture by Professor Danica Dakic, new director of the MFA program

For its inaugural professor at the Faculty of Design Danica Dakic are 26 October by 17 clock in the main auditorium of the University Library insight into her work and explained their ideas of teaching in the "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies".

The survey of concepts such as identity, home, and history, of language and culture, not least under the conditions of war or migration, is a central theme of work in video, film, and photography, as well as projects in public space.

In this context, it always goes to the social and cultural shaping of roles that are adopted and articulated shapes. Based on the focus of "Art and Memory" lecture outlines the coordinates for the artistic search for forms of memory, which questioned and deconstructed, rather than affirming them power structures and ideologies.

Source: www.uni-weimar.de

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MFA at ASU or UNM?

2005-11-30 09:12:22 by fiddlegrrl

I'm appying for MFA program at University of New Mexico and Arizona State University in painting.
Anyone have any experience with either of these 2 programs? I did hear that UNM didn't seem to promote "sharing" of technique between students--resulting in everyone having "secret" methods of doing what they do.
Any info on practice vs. theory slant is also welcome.

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  • Avatar Meteor Crater Boy MFA or MA programs for a figurative painter?
    Nov 29, 2007 by Meteor Crater Boy | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    Where is a good place (canada/usa) for a figurative painter (think Hopper and Freud) to get an MFA or MA? I am tired of finding grad schools stuck in color field painting or neo expressionism or places specializing in instalation works

    • I'd have you get an MFA, rather than an MA, if you can. You'll be able to do more with an MFA, such as teach at a university, since it's considered a final degree.

      Have you checked the programs at Yale, Ar … painting, and ask for recommendations of programs. You can also check the web pages for grad schools, to see who teaches their figurative painting classes. See where those people went to school, and check those programs.