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Posted on May 27, 2023 – 02:45 am

Tanya Harsch here here and here

Born in Wisconsin, Tanya has been painting nearly Entire her life. She discovered the traditional academic workout while studying abroad during college and taking classes at the Charles Cecil School in Florence, Italy. After Completing her BA in English literature with a minor in fine art from Lawrence University in 2005, she returned to Florence to enroll at the Florence Academy of Art Having completed the drawing program and part of the painting program at the Florence Academy, Tanya moved Briefly on to study with artist Rebecca Harp and Eventually moved to Chicago to complete her academic workout at the Ravenswood studio.

Tanya has served in a variety of teaching roles as well. Most recently, in which she instructor at the Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago. So she has taught summer school drawing and painting classes to both adults and children through Prairie Hill Waldorf School, as well as visited as a seventh grade teacher drawing.


MFA Publications Masterpieces: Great Paintings of the World in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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MFA at ASU or UNM?

2005-11-30 09:12:22 by fiddlegrrl

I'm appying for MFA program at University of New Mexico and Arizona State University in painting.
Anyone have any experience with either of these 2 programs? I did hear that UNM didn't seem to promote "sharing" of technique between students--resulting in everyone having "secret" methods of doing what they do.
Any info on practice vs. theory slant is also welcome.

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