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Posted on May 12, 2023 – 02:02 am
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MEXICO CITY. - On approval of the draft financial budget as he presented the Ministry of Finance, would create an impact on the economy that affect the productive sectors as the case of franchising. Through a statement, the president of the Mexican Franchise Association ( MFA ), Roberts Avalos, acknowledged that business sector hardly absorb the costs of taxes to the federal government seeks to apply from next year.

He said the new taxes would have to move the effect to consumer prices, which would cause a drop in sales, so said the tax reform debate should be open to all social and productive sectors of the country.

The aim is to collect the different positions on the issue and bring forward a reform to strengthen public revenues without damaging economic activity,

The chair of the MFA considered risky inflationary pressures, especially in the context of economic recovery which transits the country would become more expensive as the prices of goods and services with an imminent contraction in sales.

From their point of view, "this does not foster economic project and if punishes productive investment income, the domestic market, companies".

Considered that the application of a tax of 2.0 percent is positive generalized for the federal government get more revenue and exercising social programs.

However, this new tax would impact a recession, because it would increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) to 17 percent, causing higher prices of all products and services, he said.

The business leader said it remains the goal of 9.0 percent growth in the number of new franchise stores this year, despite the economic crisis.

But he warned that could decrease in 2010 of accepting the increase in tax rates proposed in the 2010 economic package.


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MFA at ASU or UNM?

2005-11-30 09:12:22 by fiddlegrrl

I'm appying for MFA program at University of New Mexico and Arizona State University in painting.
Anyone have any experience with either of these 2 programs? I did hear that UNM didn't seem to promote "sharing" of technique between students--resulting in everyone having "secret" methods of doing what they do.
Any info on practice vs. theory slant is also welcome.

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