Norway in the French press

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30

Photo: Ambassade de Norvège. Photo: Norwegian Embassy

Sur cette page, vous trouverez des liens vers différents médias français qui ont récemment parlé de la Norvège. Last updated: 15/07/2013 / / On this page you will find links to various French media have recently spoken of Norway.

Skis Rossignol bought by a Norwegian fund. Read the

Norway asked about his good fortune against the EU crisis. With 3.4% growth in 2012 and oil wealth making him a comfortable income, Norway is the envy of the European Union, which it does not belong. Newspaper article in Les Echos

Military service is compulsory for women, Norway. This is the first European country to extend conscription to both sexes in peacetime. Almost all parties in Oslo approved the measure. Read the newspaper Libération

North Pole: the dramatic melting ice opens up new passages. The road to the Arctic is the object of envy. Newspaper article in Les Echos

The painter Munch finally celebrated in his native Norway. After long neglected or criticized one of its greatest artists, Norway made ​​amends by organizing the largest retrospective ever Munch held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. article in the newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur

The increased acidity of the Arctic worries scientists. Even stopping CO2 emissions today, tens of thousands of years would elapse before the oceans return to their acidity level before the industrial era, two centuries ago. These are the conclusions of the Norwegian researcher Richard Bellerby, lead author of a scientific report on this topic. Read the newspaper Liberation .

The Norwegian company Marine Harvest, the world leader in salmon will eliminate about 400 jobs in Britain, according to the newspaper Les Echos. Learn more .

A journalist and a Norwegian writer just beat the record for the longest interview in the world (30 hours 1 minute and 44 seconds), record should be certified by the Guinness Book. Norway has made the "slow TV" his trademark, broadcasting on national television programs in recent years continuously for several hours or even several days, as the journey of the train from Oslo to Bergen. Read the newspaper Le Figaro

The data center Green Mountain has been installed on the island of Rennesøy (on the west coast of Norway, 500 km from Oslo). Read the article dú Libération clicking here .

Tromso, capital of the Arctic is a perfect starting point for an expedition, but also a unique spot to admire the wonderful light show that is the aurora borealis. : Listen to RFI emmission

The cultural festival Barents Spektakel has since 2003 held every winter to Kirkenes in the north-east of Norway, the Barents Sea. The online resource Arts & Ecologies covering the event this year. You can read the file on "Artists against the race to the Arctic" by clicking here.

In the episode from April 1, Top Chef was in Norway, with a beautiful race around the salmon. In its ninth week of competition, M6 had taken the top candidates leader in Norway.

Simon, Austrian student Erasmus year in Oslo, asks: "Why Norway Does not part of the European Union? " Listen to the answer on Euronews.


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