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Posted on May 26, 2023 – 02:43 am

Berlin Summer University of the Arts - July 15th - October 13th 2013

The Summer University of the Arts (SUA) at the Berlin University of the Arts offers a wide range of outstanding seminars and courses from its various departments: performing arts, fine arts, design and music. The spectrum of courses, master classes ranging from classical to experimental and academic workshops, is an opportunity for international artists of all disciplines to experience the traditional as well as contemporary expertise of the Berlin University of the Arts.
The Summer University therefore includes a creative entrepreneurship programs sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund of the Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs. The International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship (ISSCE) offers artists and creatives of all disciplines as well as designers and creative entrepreneurs varied courses, Conceived and developed by internationally renowned instructors in areas such as: Networking and Communication, Career Planning and Self-Marketing , Entrepreneurship and Creative Arts organization and management.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Artistic Courses 2013

Creative Entrepreneurship (ISSCE) Courses 2013


The International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship / ISSCE is co-Previous visits the Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs through the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund.

Accomodation in Berlin!

We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with the students from Prague to Berlin this year, theywill be offering a limited number of single and shared rooms in Their hotel and hostel at a special discounted rate for Participants of the Summer University of the Arts.

See'' Accomodation '' for more details


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2003-12-22 12:27:02 by dontworry

...ok, I am also applying for MFA's for fall 2004. This is the second year I've done this (I didn't get in last year). So here is the advice I can give....
As most school are due around the middle of January, you are a little late for this year if you haven't started yet (ie:talking with recommenders, filling out online applications). If you have done this you should be concentrating on polishing your portfolio till it sparkles. This means EVERY slide is potent and clear, that you have a cohiesive body of work and a conceptual thread through out. Why you are going to grad school is something that only you can answer

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