Actor who lives Dilma on TV said to have thought of being a pastor and former president approves of their "gist" - News

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 17:14

Hélo Motta/UOL

  • Helium Motta / UOL

    Backstage Theatre MFA Unimed,in Niterói,Rio,Gustavo Mendes prepares for the final day of the show "More than Dilmais" (17/05/12)

    Interpreter of President Dilma Rousseff "Casseta and Planet Go Fund, " the miner Gustavo Mendes has seen his name become synonymous with talent and success.At just 23 he was invited by Globo to join the cast of the program.And,after the end of the first season,the actor will record as "Full of Charm",novel seven."My character is a social columnist mining and pussy (sic). Makes gossip,guile,but the background is a Caipirão" he said during an interview with UOL last Thursday (17).

    Gustavo received the report backstage Theatre MFA Unimed,in Niterói,Rio For a month and a half he presented the spectacle of stand-up "More than Dilmais"."One day I opened the newspaper and there was saying she liked and enjoyed. Showed her who was the Minister Guido Mantega.'s Ex-husband told her that I got well" gist "of it. And the word" gist " summed it up,I saw that there was going the right way,"said the actor who" rediscovered "his talent for imitation.

    Having never studied dramatic arts,Gustavo said "learned everything on stage" and that his dream is to have his television program. "In the meantime,he plans to topple new characters in" Casseta "and doing shows in Brazil. A fame,he assured,not gone to his head. "I'm just the boy Guarani making fun, " he said.

    Read below the full interview with the actor:

    UOL - At what age did you start acting? Always wanted to be an actor?
    Gustavo Mendes - I never wanted to be anything but an actor.With 8,9 years old I was already grace in order to professionalize me.Back in the 10 years I joined a group of amateur theater,but I did not have much idea,wanted to play the big roles and did not understand why they did not invite me to play the father in the play,for example.I had no idea he was a brat.I rebelled and went to do my show alone.Hélo Motta/UOL

    Who was the audience of his shows at age 10?
    The audience was Guarani,the city.With 10 years I joined with a friend who drew well and we made some posters to cardboard to share my show and sell some tickets.We had an audience of 20 people in the theater.Joined the jokes that I found interesting and made a show of humor without ever having seen a show of humor.

    There was a time in my life I wanted to be a pastor,that was a very strong reference stage,microphone and audience

    Hélo Motta/UOL Hélo Motta/UOL


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Central School of Speech and Drama
Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
Royal Holloway
East Anglia
Are the programs at these institutes any good? Would you recommend others? I'm trying to egt an idea of reputation.

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