They killed Paris Hilton: D

Posted on October 10, 2009 – 00:00

Haha,wow,I just watched the latest Supernatural episode and Sam killed Paris Hilton - yaaaay.Ok so it was only a God who Took The form of Paris Hilton,but it was the actress,I think it counts. ^ ^ And Dean obsessed about what a car again,afraid to annoy her personality,brilliant episode!

Ok,more in German ...

I was a bit busy the last few days.On Tuesday evening I was at a poetry evening of '1718 ',which is a group that regularly known poet brings to New Orleans in 1718,because Loyola was founded there.

1718 is a monthly reading series featuring one established writer,Followed by student writers from the New Orleans area.

The evening was really interesting.After reading a few of the main students have presented their own poems,especially Mia I liked super.I hope that the video is on Youtube soon.[Edited 5Nov. it's there: D]

The poet was Cate Marvin,and many of her poems were really good.

Cate Marvin will be arriving from New York in 1718 to read for this upcoming Tuesday,October 6th.Marvin has published two books of poetry,including "Fragment of the Head of a Queen, " and co-edited the American poet anthology "Legitimate Dangers." Marvin has received the Kate Tufts Discovery Prize,a Whiting Award,and has completed a 2007 Gregory Millard Fellow. Marvin served as writer in resident at the Lesley University low-residency MFA program and is associate professor in creative writing at the College of Staten Iceland,City University of New York.Marvin is known not only for her but so evocative poetry for her intimate presence as a reader.

On another note ... Thursday night I was at the Jazz Concert,woooow!I've never heard such good young musicians!Loyola has recently taken over a very prestigious jazz program,which was earlier in LA.Every year they only accept 12 students and the selection criteria are tough.Accordingly,the musicians were good too!I have filmed a small part,but I did not shoot too much.I'll upload that soon from the camera.

Then I got to see a couple of guys playing football on the lawn in front of the dorms.So I quickly moved me and played,that was really good!Finally got to sweat properly again - unfortunately badly dirty ... It had been raining heavily Wednesday and I am of course promptly killed in a defense in the mud: D Well,there are fortunately washing machines.


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It depends on what you expect from

2008-12-26 20:32:06 by jlgwriter

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They are highly competitive

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