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Posted on August 27, 2013 – 17:14
MFA Creative Writing. Pan-European, Low-Residency. Faculty

Laura McCaffrey is an engaging, thoughtful, passionate speaker. - Anita Silvey

My author visit program is Intended to inspire children and teens to create Their Own fantasy worlds.

I speak at writing, literature, and teaching conferences.

Regularly I teach writing.

My writing workshops Provide children and teens the opportunity to learn and practice building character, setting creation, and storytelling. My emphasis is on Improving the craft of writing.

Author Visits

Build a Fantasy World

How do writers invent fantasy worlds? Come see maps, pictures, books, and other artifacts I've used for ideas. Learn how I turn Those ideas into books. Ask your questions about ALIA WAKING, WATER SHAPER, and my forthcoming YA novel. Then pick up a pencil, grave a piece of paper, and create a map of your own magical place.

(This program can be tailored to suit the needs of the host program requirements:.. Writing utensils and paper for each participant Participants Keep Their maps and notes for display or as source material for Further creative work.)

Arranging the Visit
To arrange a visit, contact me . My fee is available on request.


I most frequently speak on children's writing, writing fantasy, and fantasy literature for children and teens.

To arrange a speaking engagement, contact me . My fee is available upon request.


To get a sense of my teaching priorities and philosophy, you can read this 2008 interview with Tia Marchando .

I teach in Solstice, Pine Manor College's low-residency MFA in Creative Writing Program .

I also teach literature and writing to students aged 10 and up at Pacem School and Homeschool Center.

Additionally, I teach and mentor writers aged 10 and up through public school mentoring programs, as well as by private arrangement.

To inquire about teaching possibilities, contact me . My fee is available upon request.

Writing Workshops


During my writing workshop, young writers practice skills to Improve Their craft with character creation games like What's in My character's pocket, setting creation games like My character's Most Favorite Place, My character's Most Hated Place, and plot creation games like What Would My Character Do If ... Participants then write stories and share work. DEPENDING on the number of writing workshop sessions, workshops Participants leave with a story in progress or a completed story.


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Check out the MFA

2008-05-11 22:05:42 by jlgwriter

Forum at the Speakeasy on the Poets & Writers site:
There is a wealth of information there.
Some things to consider:
low residency or full residency
funded or partially funded/teaching load vs. fellowship
size of program
2 year program or 3 year program
specialties offered (YA, creative nonfiction, genre fiction, etc.)
There is also Kealy's MFA blog, but I don't have the exact link. You'll have to Google it

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