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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor University of Michigan in the United States is a major north-central Michigan public schools,often referred to as "UMICH" or "UM", founded in 1817,with the Faculty of Arts,Art Institute,and the Music Academy (very top) and Management School offers a variety of courses

Campus is located in Detroit,Michigan Western cities 35 kilometers to school two thousand acres,is one of the nation's top universities.Ann Arbor is often translated "An Boya",sometimes translated "Ann Arbor" (Walie! Tycoon Fort blanket ... I can not castle here yo! ...) Due to its main campus in Ann Arbor,so direct called the University of Michigan,Dearborn and Flint school also has another two campuses.

University of Michigan campus is divided into many,there are Central,North and South Campus,College of Art and Architecture are located on North Campus,students quite a lot,about 41, 000 people,about 6, 300 more than teachers.In the central campus has its own museum called The UM Museum of Art.University of Michigan football school team in the nation is quite famous school team called the Wolverines.Showdown with Ohio State's contest is an annual event one can say it.

2013.07.15 update Fees

Usnews1997: [26] 2003: [34] 2008: [37]

Ranked Fider Rating room is located Architecture 2003: [13] Tie with Lawrence Technological University ,Michigan State University

[+] Major

1 College of Art and Design ART + DESIGN (abbreviated A & D)

2011 see website revision,run good Oh!

1-1. MFA in Art & Design: University of Michigan this three-year MFA program very special Oh! Has not specifically stated in the majors,but stipulate four processes Desiring> Designing> Producing> Distributing,look no particular curriculum against any major,graduate works from view,should be very biased creative arts-oriented

Want further in-depth understanding,you can see the exhibition there is a place called WORK ,appears to be doing Wordpress Blog system,there will be some exhibition news release timed it!This system is a device MFA also some art or video art,they set up a Play Gallery ,you can see some of the more specific works,some electronic art,installation art,or some video art,even went to Michigan television stations cooperation and good Kanwo!

1-2. MFA / MBA Dual Degree Program: Special double major
1-3. Ph.D in Design Science: PhD programs specifically designed to study the process in terms of design,have their own web pages and application pages Oh!

2 College of Architecture and Urban Design,College of Architecture and Urban Planning: The School of Architecture quite the name,the school called TAUBMAN,Department of Architecture of the East China Sea there are many teachers like Liu Shunren,Guan Hua,Chen GLG are University of Michigan,Department of Architecture PhD or Master graduation.

2-1. Architecture Building
2-2. Urban design Urban Design
2-3. Urban + regional planning urban and regional planning
2-4. Ph.D in Architecture Building Dr.
2-5. Ph.D in Urban + regional planning Urban and Regional Planning,Dr.


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Top 15 MFA schools

2003-06-19 13:06:02 by nh_hick

Master of Fine Arts
(New! Ranked in 2003*)
Rank/School Average assessment score (5 = highest)
Rhode Island School of Design 4.4
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 4.4
Yale University (CT) 4.4
California Institute of the Arts 4.1
Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI) 4.0
Alfred U.--New York State Col. of Ceramics 3.9
Art Center College of Design (CA) 3.9
University of California--Los Angeles 3.9
Virginia Commonwealth University 3.9
Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 3.7
School of Visual Arts (NY) 3.7
University of Iowa 3.7
Arizona State University 3

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