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A scientist from NASA,Clark McClelland,hereby rules: the German rocket scientist inspected the wreckage of the Roswell crash and saw the bodies of the aliens. The aerospace engineer Clark C. McClelland,NASA specialist from 1958 to 1992,confirmed in an exclusive interview with CNI News - about UFO incident took place near the town of Roswell in 1947 - the involvement of German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) ,inspecting on-site crashed on the hull and on the bodies of alien beings."The Roswell case is the most important and documented in the history of crash / retrieval (crash / retrieval) of UFOs, " says McClelland.The scientist explains how he learned of the role played by von Braun in the story:

"During my long years of service in the nation's space program had the good fortune to meet and exchange some information of great interest with German scientists moved to the U.S. via Operation Paper Clip after the Second World War. Were the elite of the Scientific Panel assigned to the German rocket program under the control of Adolf Hitler. often I had the privilege of conversing with their leader,Dr. Wernher von Braun and other scientists assigned to the teams involved in the launch of the ABMA (Army Ballistics Missile Agency) to launch ramps Cape Canaveral. These same men were eventually lumped into the new organization National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). "

McClelland's claims,which are accessible via the internet credentials and high-sounding professional curriculum are full of what appears to be evidence of recent documents attributed to the Majestic 12 group,both of the above by Colonel Philip J. Course in the best seller "The Day After Roswell, " about the important role played by Wernher von Braun in the crash at Roswell.Here's how it continues the testimony of McClelland:"During the regular meetings of the MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) that were held in Cocoa Beach,I used to exchange jokes freely with some of these scientists,particularly Dr. von Braun. One evening,during a break,I found myself with him on the back porch of the Cocoa Beach Ramada Inn.told him to know that at the time of the accident his group was stationed near the scene of the crash,the polygon White Sands Testing Range,where they experienced the launches of missiles V- 2 captured from the Germans. was then that turned a question that made ​​him frown.

'There was or not,a Case Roswell? It was an alien spacecraft recovered along with alien bodies? He had the opportunity to visit the scene of the accident? ' Dr. von Braun,smoker,lit a cigarette,thought for a moment and then began to speak without hesitation of his inspection to the aircraft crashed. He trusted me because I had sworn that I would not have said a word to the newspapers,in magazines,on television,etc.. I never broke that oath. He's dead and the incident happened over fifty years ago. That is why today revealed his version,I have the right to speak,even of things which,according to some agencies do not exist. Dr. von Braun explained that he and his colleagues (for now,the names remain confidential) were taken at the crash site and entered the perimeter just loosened the security cordon of the military. They conducted their analyzes quickly. He told me that the aircraft did not seem formed of a metal known. Emphasized that appeared manufactured with a biological material,such as leather. I shivered and I came to think that maybe the aircraft was 'live'. The recovered bodies were temporarily kept in a medical tent nearby. They were small,very frail and had large heads. The eyes were large. The skin was gray and the consistency of reptiles. He said it was similar to squamous tissue of rattlesnakes,which had often seen at White Sands. His inspection of the debris had confused him: fragments were thin,aluminum colored,like aluminum foil chewing gum. Very light and extremely resistant. The interior of the aircraft were virtually bare of equipment,as if the creatures and the spacecraft were part of a single unit. It was then that I felt really lost. We returned to the award ceremony,to which von Braun had been invited,and then we said goodbye. I went home with my head spinning for all they had heard. I was very difficult to keep silent for many years,mainly because tempted by my many friends and colleagues who believe in UFOs,ET,etc.. At no time did I reported nothing,neither the higher nor Keyhoe to NICAP,or the public. I did this by honoring the sanctity of my oath. The USAF (U.S. Air Force,ed.) And the Federal Government - concluded McClelland - still remain anchored to the version according to which crashed in Roswell would be a high-altitude weather balloon,code-named Mogul,a project developed for detect nuclear explosions in the Soviet Union. Moreover,according to the USAF,the bodies recovered were test dummies parachuted over the desert and ended up in the area of the crash of the 'ball'. In essence,the USAF stood on this version has invented and passed off as real to the American public. "



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