John Galliano coached Parsons School of Design Masters _ Art China

Posted on August 27, 2013 – 14:30

John Galliano recently took his six Louis Vuitton luggage, a variety of hats and his dog once again returned to Manhattan. Galliano is not for what the re-appearance of the brand new cooperation program, but came to Parsons School of Design, taught a three-day master's program "Show Me Emotion".

John Galliano rare such a "big coffee" to give lectures, so I want to take this course is not just any student can. First, only the high-grade Bachelor of Fine Arts are eligible to apply to this program, followed by the school based on the applicant's professional accomplishments and mentor had recommended further screening, the selection of the minimum requirement of at least 3.0 GPA. Entitled "Show Me Emotion" fashion design course will explore the delicate relationship between emotion and committed fashion design in practice emotional energy to inspire the participants in the survey to explore the creation of intuitive, sensory behavior. Student's final works will be Galliano and Parsons, president Simon Collins jointly review.

In fact, the teacher's new identity Galliano was not surprising, as early as a few months ago had spread Galliano are looking for a faculty member in the School of Design's top job. John Galliano last month at the College of Art and Design 伦敦圣马丁 appear before and the school for their joint project to students review work had once heard that he will coach the St. Martin, the final message is denied the school, and now we finally know Galliano chose Parsons, or that Parsons had chosen him.

In addition to teaching at the School of Design as outside, Galliano reunification this year a high-profile fashion circles fade initiatives. In February this year, New York Fashion Week, Anna Wintour recommended by, John Galliano Oscar de la Renta was invited to the studio to work on its own unique aesthetic, with the latter together to create the most recent Oscar de la Renta, a series of outstanding . Therefore, we have reason to believe that his identity or to other designers new identity fully regression fashion day just around the corner.


Where, specifically, were they from?

2003-09-22 15:42:17 by gotaneducation

Can you tell us where the people you are referring to got their degrees? Did the MFA come after a BFA or was it after a BA or BS degree? I went to KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute) and got a fantastic art history education, which I then realized once I got to the Art Institute of Chicago for my MFA, that not all of my classmates were as well prepared. The grad courses there were less than I had gotten as an undergrad, and that is one of the "so-called* top art programs in the country.
Schools which confer the MFA have to be accredited by the NASAD (National Association of Schools of Ar

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