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Posted on August 26, 2013 – 14:29
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Although the king's office Microsoft Office , there are many more options to consider, both offline and online. On the Internet you can find high quality examples like Google or Zoho Drive and Desktop, you have interesting options as Calligra , OpenOffice or LibreOffice, derived from the previous and following their own course adding improvements with each new release. Among its many advantages, is the ability to install extensions . With LibreOffice extensions to get new features or improve existing ones.

For years it has offered support for OpenOffice extensions. For its part, Microsoft Office has incorporated in its latest version, calling applications . For LibreOffice, being born as a fork or derivative of OpenOffice also offers extensions, plus support for Windows, Mac and Linux and provide text editor, spreadsheet, database, presentation, drawing tool and other mathematical formulas creation. Here is a selection of the most useful extensions for LibreOffice.

  • Spanish dictionary : This list could not begin without an extension as essential as a Spanish dictionary to check our spelling and typing errors found. In addition to the generic version, includes customized versions with specific vocabulary Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador or Venezuela, to give some examples.

    Typography toolbar : For lovers of publishing, this is one of the most useful extensions for LibreOffice, as it adds a new toolbar with shortcuts to Writer editing and typographical correction as convert all to uppercase or lowercase, correct formatting problems in whole paragraphs, editing Tex, etc..

    OOoHG : This extension provides 1, 600 maps, diagrams and all kinds of geographic graphic content that decorate or complement your documents, presentations or drawings created with LibreOffice.

    EPC : Specially designed for the drawing tool Draw, you can use all the programs that are part of LibreOffice. Its function is to provide you with icons and other elements to draw graphs of processes, very useful in planning processes or resources.

    IMath : Although LibreOffice has its own mathematical formulas tool if you want to integrate directly into a text document without having to open two programs at once, this extension will help to, creating mathematical formulas from scratch or selected content from the document .

    Chemistry : The chemicals also have their own extension to Write. If you need to insert chemical formulas in a document, Chemistry you used to do it in style, format and color image. Very practical and useful.

    OpenCards : This extension for Impress presentations can be used as a card with which to learn new concepts through memorization, very useful for students or for those who want to learn a new language.

    MultiSave : MultiSave We've been in the past. As its states, used to save a document in several formats at once, instead of saving each format separately, saving time. For example, you can save a text document in OpenDocument format, Office and PDF in one sitting.

    Export As Images : Continuing to save documents, this extension serves to keep the pages of Impress or Draw in image format. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF and will be very useful to present in public, integrate the pages into a text document or prevent editing your slides or drawings.

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