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FAQ In non-European countries such as the course has an award? Brazil? China? India?
In all countries of the world. In fact, the learnings are expressed in ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or college credit in Europe. These credits are automatically translated into American credits (Units), Credit Canada and in the credits of the university system in force in all countries of the former Commonwealth, which adopt the Anglo-Saxon system. The same is true for China, where they are recognized by both the European and the American credits credits.

I can do a year or two to Alchemy and continue in another university?
Yes The European Bachelor (undergraduate) or Master (3-2) are included in the system of European mobility of teaching, of learning and careers, which is part of the "Bologna Process" of the European Parliament ( / wiki / Bologna_Process). The annual certification (or even half) of ECTS allows the student to present his college credits to another European academic institution, private or public, in order to obtain the recognition (and therefore enrollment in the program of studies required). However, it is important that schools within which we realize the mobility programs of study are very similar and compatible, ie they may validate the credits because the student consistent with the curriculum of the School of destination. In any case, Alchemy and EABHES ensure you check in advance the compatibility between the programs of different schools.

How does the recognition of credits that I have already obtained in the University that I attended in my country?
If college credits are already expressed in ECTS, recognition is automatic. In the case the amounts accrued are to be converted, or in the event that the student wishes to transform studies or past history of his professional experience in ECTS, he will have to examine them by the school and its certification through EABHES. This certification shall be subject to payment of a fee.

What kind of Bachelor or Master can I get?
Bachelor / Master of Fine Arts (BFA / MFA). They are the first and second grade standard degree for students Europeans, Americans and Canadians looking for a vocational training in applied arts, visual and performing arts. In Britain the equivalent degree is the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in the United States, the Bachelor of Fine Arts differs from a Bachelor of Arts degree as the majority of the program consists of a practical component in the studio, rather than in lectures the classical discussions.

How much year to year? And for the three years? And for the Master?
Entry fees to the Bachelor and Master of Alchemy are the normal ones, increase the quota for the management of ECTS credits by EABHES. This fee is 1450 Euro for enrollment in the three years of the Bachelor; 1450 enrollment in the two years of the Master. If the enrollment is just for one year of the BFA, the fee is 700 Euro (900 Euro MFA) + 100 Euro entry to EABHES. The recognition of the old debts for an annuity at a cost EABHES, finally, to 550 euros. However, if the student follows the Bachelor at Alchemy and then the Master in the same school, the share EABHES for the Master will be only 100 Euro.


Where, specifically, were they from?

2003-09-22 15:42:17 by gotaneducation

Can you tell us where the people you are referring to got their degrees? Did the MFA come after a BFA or was it after a BA or BS degree? I went to KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute) and got a fantastic art history education, which I then realized once I got to the Art Institute of Chicago for my MFA, that not all of my classmates were as well prepared. The grad courses there were less than I had gotten as an undergrad, and that is one of the "so-called* top art programs in the country.
Schools which confer the MFA have to be accredited by the NASAD (National Association of Schools of Ar

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