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STEPHANIE SKURA One of the greatest American experimentalists

6> 7 September 2013

Friday, 6 September: from 19.00 to 22.00

Saturday, 7 September from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 13.30 to 16.30

Classes include Open Source Form and Improvisation


Expanding the pedagogy of Skinner releasin Technique, Stephanie Skura develops Open Source Forms after 12 years of teaching at the institute and SRT after decades of radical performative practices. OSF is based on the fertile exchange between Skinner Releasing and the creative process. One technique that helps to restore the primordial energy, to s pogliarsi from the housing, as well as develop the ability to navigate the world of the subconscious and to use the images as a powerful tool for transformation. A method for facilitating access to creative freedom, rigor, courage and honesty in the movement.


Drawing upon a refined and acute intuition, somatic practice in vocal techniques and years of experience in both choreograph that in directing dancers and actors, has found and continues to experiment new methods that allow performers to find and access confidence at the heart of their being learning how to use their own movement and performance techniques to open up a world of freedom, courage, rigor, and specificity. The Skura working hard individually, finding and opening what she calls the "doors" that allow each performer to find and strengthen their potential along with the ability and the strength of being on stage. For decades, many performers have found that working with the Skura was a change of life, prompting a new process towards creative work and performative brave.

Stephanie Skura has been Artistic Director of his own company based in New York and Seattle, doing tours around the world for fifteen years. Its innovative choreographic methods, have been finished in a body of work and techniques that Skura teaches in the United States and Europe in numerous colleges and universities including the American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival, Naropa Institute, Wesleyan University, Bennington College, Juniata College and schools of theater and dance in the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Wales, France, Germany, Turkey, Denmark and Poland. Skura has received one of the first "Bessie" New York Dance and Performance Awards for Choreographic Achievement. and has received seven and five Dance Company Choreography Fellowships Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition, he has published poetry and is currently working with an innovative approach to language to write theatrical dramas. His recent writings have been staged at Juniata College in Pensylvenia and will be repeated next year in Seattle and New York. He received his BFA & MFA in Dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Teacher at Skinner Skinnner Institute. Stephanie Skura has 'been a member of the Institute of Intensive and Skinner Releasing Teacher Certification Program in Seattle and has been for five years of the Graduate Faculty at' University of Washington School of Drama Professional Actors Training Program. From 2006 to 2011, was the Artistic Director of Gravity Project, a company of "total theater" composed by professional actors based in Pensylvenia. Nel2009, haavviato and now runs Open Source Forms (OSF), a program for teachers that focuses on the cross-fertilization and deep common points of technique and releasing the creative process. OSF comes from its extensive experience in Skinner Releasing, improvisation and choreography and supports teachers in using a method that strengthens, supports, struts students.


Where, specifically, were they from?

2003-09-22 15:42:17 by gotaneducation

Can you tell us where the people you are referring to got their degrees? Did the MFA come after a BFA or was it after a BA or BS degree? I went to KCAI (Kansas City Art Institute) and got a fantastic art history education, which I then realized once I got to the Art Institute of Chicago for my MFA, that not all of my classmates were as well prepared. The grad courses there were less than I had gotten as an undergrad, and that is one of the "so-called* top art programs in the country.
Schools which confer the MFA have to be accredited by the NASAD (National Association of Schools of Ar

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  • Avatar GroovyGirl623 As a teacher, what more can I do to further my dance education?
    Apr 07, 2007 by GroovyGirl623 | Posted in Dancing

    I have been dancing since I was 3. I'm 24 now, and I teach dance at a studio in a small town in southern Wisconsin. I really love ballet more than anything else, but I don't get to teach that many classes because appare …nd not just all little kid classes. Any suggestions on what more I can do?
    Also thought I should mention that I'm a member of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters as well as Dance Masters of Wisconsin.

    • Well done. Since you have a BA degree in dance already (right?), why not go for advanced education (MA) in dance education/pedagogy.

      As you are in IL or WI, here are schools near you with Masters programs: …try">MFA programs near you: ,

      They dont specialize spec in education, but you mentioned you wanted to stay in the area. If you could go to school somewhere like NY NYU has a top notch program.