September 8: Jesse Huisken, Julia exchange and Meaghan Strimas

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Creative Writing Workshop | University of New Orleans

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Update: Julia exchange will be reading in lieu of rob mclennan, who will be joining us at a later date.

Jesse Huisken is a poet who, in addition to self-publishing, has had chapbooks of experimental poetry and fiction with BookThug and Expert Press. So he is an artist, currently working on his own museum of oil paintings based in found images and short comic book style illustrated poems. Hey what co-owner, with his father Charles Huisken, of This Is not the Rosedale Library.

Julia exchange is the author of the novel ... Another Book About Another Broken Heart (conundrum, 2003). She has had short pieces published in several literary magazines and is close to finishing her second novel. She hopes.

Meaghan Strimas live performance program in Toronto where she works at Quill & Quire magazine and for the University of Guelph's Creative Writing MFA. Strimas is the editor of the critically acclaimed The Selected Gwendolyn MacEwen (a Globe and Mail "Top 100 Books of the Year"), and the author of a previous collection of poetry, Junkman's Daughter. She was author of at Toronto's International Festival of Authors in 2009.

Pivot Readings at the Press Club
Featuring Jesse Huisken, Meaghan Strimas and Julia exchange
Wednesday, September 8, 2010
8 pm at the Press Club
850 Dundas Street West
Hosted by Sachiko Murakami

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Schools which confer the MFA have to be accredited by the NASAD (National Association of Schools of Ar

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