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Posted on May 17, 2023 – 02:33 am
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Côte d'Ivoire - Portraits - Election Côte d'Ivoire: Bédié, the other referee's presidential

Operate the machine RHDP

The "Sphinx Daoukro" hoping for a victory on October 31, but was relegated to the position of referee. Because in the RHDP now promoted to the rank of the party, the die is cast. "In the agreements between us in the RHDP, we decided that each party may nominate a candidate. But as long we decided to work to move towards transformation RHDP in a single party for all the component parties. (...). We planned to arrive at the single party after the elections, "confided the leader of the PDCI broadcast on RFI in June. Political education in gestation, has established a joint program of government - "Governing Together" - that defines the share of each of the allies in a coalition government if they win one of their cons Laurent Gbagbo. Forty percent of the party which topped the first round, 35% for second, 10% for UDPCI and 5% for the MFA. Civil society sharing the remaining positions.

The alliance has been operational since Sunday but the tone was set by Le Nouveau Reveil, a daily close of the PDCI, which headlined Friday "All for ADO is required to RHDP." If voting instructions is effective, it must still be followed to confirm an arithmetic victory RHDP. Bédié Will he be able to mobilize its electorate? Nothing is less certain. "We are told, when the second round in the presidential election, a party with the other. (...) You think because RHDP exist a militant of the PDCI-RDA, or RDR activist who will not vote for PDCIi will? (...)! This is an aberration, a political heresy. In the second round, everyone will be on the political market including the party will head to catch any third party that will. I am convinced that the PDCI-RDA militants who do not want to vote for the RDR, if the RDR is the second round, will not vote RDR "confided Mayor PDCI Daloa Chrystophe Kossougro Sery, in December 2009 the Ivorian newspaper Soir Info. His opinion may have changed since then, but the matter remains valid. Of the 19 regions of Côte d'Ivoire, six in the North voted overwhelmingly for Ouattara against three Bedie, including two in the center of the country. The central and northern strongholds are respectively the PDCI and RDR.

In the shadow of Houphouet

The postponement of the vote pro-Ouattara Bedié to do if "it takes a whole campaign, " suggests Allomo Paulin, Chairman of the Scientific Committee for the RHDP single candidate in an interview the North-South Ivorian Daily newspaper published on Tuesday. "It is the sincerity that will play between the leaders, he said. And we must not forget that the four leaders are Houphouetists. They believe they meet. In addition, it is a battle of survival for everyone. We can not have fun to lose. "

The Houphouetism seems to be the guarantee of political success. "The ideals of the PDCI-RDA, we were all soaked, we ban, according to the teachings of Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the irrational attitudes and adventurous, " said in 2007 in his Letter to Ivorians, a keynote speech, Henri Konan Bedie. And this is not the first time that training is the paraphernalia of the savior of the Côte d'Ivoire becoming. "Let us remember, dear compatriots, the direct dialogue [ 2 ] committed to the benevolent care of the President (Burkina Faso) Blaise Compaoré, was proposed five years earlier by us, "recalled the former President. The party of Felix Houphouet-Boigny, through Bédié still holds in his hands the fate of the Côte d'Ivoire.

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