Great Website design

Is Based On The Collaboration Of

Designer - Client - Content

User Engagement


If you don’t engage your users, the rest of your design is of little value!

Creative Design Elements

Design Elements Help Users Find What They Want

Design elements help guide the user and enhance the visual appeal.



Color sets the mood, attracts the eye. and indicates the importance.

And the rest of the story

Look Good On Mobile Devices


How does a search engine and user find you? By the content on your page for the most part.
Keep it focused!



With over 54% of all users now being on mobile devices, you better look as good on the smaller mobile screens too.

Content Is Important


Branding is the best way to connect you, your website, and content at the same time. Be consistent, all of the time.

Strategy & Planning

Taking your ideas, style, and content, then converting  them into words, illustrations,
and photos can be challenging. Affordable web design starts with good planning!

Simple is Good

The Kiss Philosophy is popular for good reason. Make it as  easy as you can for users to find what they want.

Not Too Many Choices

The more choices you have makes any decision more difficult. Too many options are not a good thing.

Benefits vs Features

Benefits demonstrate what you can
do for your user in terms they understand. Features do not.

The Need For Speed

Users don’t like to wait. So it’s a good idea to ensure you have a streamlined website that loads quickly.

Plan Now Or Pay Later

The time you take planning can save you time and money on the back end making changes or corrections. 

Good Communication

Good communication is necessary to keep everyone on the same page. Literally, no pun intended.

OK, How Do
I Start?

Check Out Our FAQ
& Planning Guide

Our FAQ (frequently asked questions) can answer many general questions about affordable website design and our methodologies. We use WordPress as our primary platform since it’s easy for the clients to update and input articles if they choose. It’s the most popular custom web design platform for good reason, for both the designer and the client. We have been doing custom web development for small businesses for over 15 years.

Our Website Design Planning Guide also can provide some good information and a great checklist too. It has some good requirements of small business website design and helps you define your goals for your website. And if you currently have a website that you want to upgrade, update, and or do a redesign there’s information about that too.

Custom Landing Page

Every Website Needs At Least One!

In website marketing, a Custom Landing Page is a separate web page, designed specifically to accompany a marketing or advertising campaign. The sole purpose being specific to a particular call to action, normally receiving something of value to the visitor. The visitor is offered some type information that can be anything from a Check List to beneficial information on the subject matter in return for signing up for a newsletter.

An effective Landing Page with the proper follow up can be the best marketing tool you can have and use everyday, 24/7. Find out what it can do for your company, contact us today.

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The Seven Deadly Mistakes
Of Website Design
& Marketing

It's All About The Fundamentals

You break or ignore the rules and you will pay the price. Like any good coach will tell you, it’s all about the basics. Get the fundamentals right and everything else will fall into place for the win. You can download our FREE report on The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Website Design & Marketing by clicking on the button below. You can then save it to your desktop or where ever you want on your computer.

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